Walt Disney World

"Fall Frolick"

Orlando, Florida

November, 2004


For the first time in about three years, I did not have to work like a lunatic up until the last minute and fling dirty clothes into my suitcase before heading off on vacation. This is because in the wake of our latest merger, I have a new position at the Firm that does not require my every waking, breathing moment. There were surprisingly few layoffs in technology this time around, and for once, there are enough bodies to match the quantity of work.

Wednesday is typically a telecommute day for me, and I was able to go out at lunch time and shoot some photographs of the autumn colors at a local state park here on Long Island. I knew it was the last chance, since the leaves were already falling, and by time I returned from Orlando, there wouldn’t be much left to photograph. It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp day, and the moon rose early enough to get some shots of it in the twilight, as the sun set in the opposite direction.

Best of all, it was the night of the lunar eclipse! In between finishing up the packing, we would go out on the front porch every 15 minutes or so to record the progress. Various neighbors were out there as well, and it was kind of a little party on our block, with Nieceling practicing her cheerleading cartwheels and walk-overs on the lawn in the moonlight. As luck would have it, the street lamp directly in front of the house was out, which meant less ambient light to interfere with visibility.

Finally, we were all packed and we dragged our suitcases out to my car. We managed to cram it all into my RAV4 and still have room for 4 people!