The Great Fort Myers House

(and Shell)

Hunting Mission!


July 2005




In my last trip report, I made a rather obtuse reference to a life-altering opportunity that needed to be acted upon:


As I sat by the fountain, I started to think about all that I must do between now and August, in order to be ready for the big changes looming in my near future.  Incredible opportunities are fraught with a good deal of uncertainty and risk, but it’s kind of like the stock market – the greater the risk, the greater the rewards.  The opportunity in question is work-related, and it will have a big impact on how and where I live my life.  It would be foolish not to take it, even though my “single rider” life status would make it harder and riskier. 


What I was referring to is that management has granted permission for me to work from home permanently – yay, no more Long Island Rail Road, 2 hours one way schlepping into Manhattan!  And since my responsibilities are global, “home” can be anywhere I wish.


Well, having read my trip journals lo these many years, where do YOU think “anywhere I wish” is?


There are a number of very good reasons for me to leave Long Island and relocate to Florida, the most primary of which is that I simply cannot afford a house in a decent neighborhood here.  Between the mortgage and the taxes, I’d be working to own the house and nothing more – and that’s just not right.  So, I need to buy elsewhere.  And, if I’m going to move far enough away that I can afford a home of my own, yet not be within 20 minutes of any of my family, it might as well be someplace warm, near a place that I love.


Following that logic, I’ve booked myself a combination vacation/house hunting mission in Fort Myers, Florida, commencing Tuesday 19 July, returning to Long Island on Monday 25 July.  I want a place that has at least 3 bedrooms (or two bedrooms and a den/study).  I want it to be within reasonable distance of the Sanibel Island causeway – 30 minutes or less.  And I want pre-construction, because from the minute you sign the contract, the value of the home starts to increase, even if it isn’t built yet!


Naturally, the dates I’ve selected encompass some low tides during daylight hours and the full moon (Thursday 21 July), and in the wake of both Dennis and Cindy, I’m hoping for some better-than-average, post-hurricane summertime shelling experiences that only the Gulf shores of Sanibel can offer.


So – let’s go!  Let The Great Fort Myers House (and Shell) Hunting Mission begin!


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